The Drake Bay Hiking Trail guided tour




The tour starts early at 6:00 am on the beautiful main beach, bathed in the gentle morning light. It ends around 1:30 pm, providing a 5-hour experience full of discoveries. You will be accompanied by a professional guide who will immerse you in the natural world while you enjoy a delicious lunch at the best beach in Drake bay sanjosecito beach and the boat transportation that will connect you with nature. During the tour, the guide will captivate you with detailed interpretations of the lush local flora and fauna, sharing the hidden wonders of the Drake trail. Immerse yourself in this unique adventure and discover the unparalleled beauty of this natural Paradise

The tour includes a professional guide, lunch at Playa Sanjosecito, and boat transportation back to Drake.Bay

The Drake Bay Hiking Trail
Also known as the San Josecito Trail, the Drake Bay Public Trail or simply the Drake Bay Beach Hike, this trail connects Agujitas (the village of Drake Bay) with San Josecito Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Osa Peninsula.
Passing countless empty beaches, traversing lush rainforest and spotting monkeys and macaws many other spcies of mamals and birds in the trees above, the Drake Bay Hiking Trail is a must-do in Drake Bay.
The Drake Bay Hiking Trail is an out-and-back trail that starts from the town of Drake Bay (actually named Agujitas) and runs officially to Playa Rincon, although many people stop earlier at the more popular Playa San Josecito.The trail itself is comprised of concreted sections, gravel sections, uneven, muddy forest paths with tree roots and rocks, and sections of beach walking. You pass over a couple of suspension bridges and a few small concrete bridges. It becomes flooded and very muddy during or after rain
The plant life is just as impressive, and you will be surrounded by towering trees, tangles of hanging vines, flowers, palms and even a section of giant bamboo. Drake Bay is Costa Rica at its most raw and wild, and you feel it when you’re surrounded by the jungle on the trail

  • Comfortable walking shoes – if you prefer hiking boots or runners, great. If you’ve got water shoes or hiking sandals that you’re comfortable in, they can also work.
  • Lightweight hiking clothes – shorts are better than pants, in case the river is deep when you cross.
  • Swimwear – I would suggest wearing it, as there aren’t any changing rooms on the way.
  • Towel – for sitting on and drying off after a dip.
    Waterproof bag – so you can cross the river at any height, and you’re prepared in case of rain.
  • Rain poncho – even in the dry season, rain is always possible here!
  • Sunscreen – reef friendly! A hat, sunglasses and a t-shirt aren’t a bad idea for sun protection either.
  • Insect repellent – the mosquitos can be around in the jungle.
  • Water – and LOTS of it! Minimum two litres per person It is HOT and you will go through it very quickly.


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