Sirena Corcovado day tour




departs at 6:00 am from the main beach in front of Roberto’s Sea Food restaurant. It includes a professional bilingual guide, entrance to Sirena, boat transportation, lunch, and a maximum group size of 8 people per guide. The approximate hike will last around 5 hours. We expect to return around 2:00 pm. It is important to wear appropriate shoes for the hike, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and a reusable water bottle (not disposable). The logistics of the tour involve an approximately 1-hour boat ride each way, depending on the sea conditions. Once in Sirena, there will be a reservation check by PNC officials. There will also be time to use the bathrooms located at the entrance to Sirena. Additionally, the site has drinking water for refilling bottles. After using the bathrooms, the tour will begin on the permitted trails at the station. The guide will provide interpretations about the local flora and fauna during the tour. There is the possibility of seeing a variety of birds such as toucans, trogons, raptors, hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, tanagers, and more. There is also the opportunity to see animals such as monkeys, coatis, agoutis, peccaries, sloths, tapirs, and many others. Once the trail tours are completed, lunch will be provided at the Sirena station. Usually, after lunch, we return to Bahía Drake. Corcovado National Park is famous for its abundance of plant and animal species, including jaguars, pumas, monkeys, tapirs, macaws, and many more. It also has impressive vegetation that includes tropical forests, mangroves, beaches, and rivers

. Enjoy your trip to Sirena in Corcovado National Park!


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